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Communicating with residents can be difficult, but when you need to get a message across to the entire community, things get even tougher. How can you ensure everyone gets the message?

Research shows that people process information differently.

Some residents may respond to an email blast, while others may need a text message or a phone call. The more channels you use to communicate, the more people you’ll reach

With Alerts and Bulletins, each resident can choose between email, text, voice or even a combination of email and text or email and voice.

Let Alerts and Bulletins help ensure that everyone gets your message.


Features & Highlights...

  • Increase communication between management and residents.

  • Internet based application, nothing to download or install.

  • Administrators can access and send notifications from any computer connected to the Internet.

  • Residents can opt to receive notifications via email, text or voice message.

  • Notification messages can be directed to all residents or limited to only selected residents by selecting any zone, tier or floor, or any combination thereof. The same concept could use community blocks and lots. 

  • Zones add flexibility & can be defined by the Administrator based on the building’s needs. For example: High Zone/Low Zone for water shutdowns; Park if the building has designated parking units.

  • Notification summary sent to administrator after each notification sent to residents.

  • Daily report of bounced email addresses.

  • Archive list of all alerts/bulletins previously sent.
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